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She is very humble and her predictions and remedies are verymuch helpful.. I am thankful to Neel madam for making my life happy with her suggestions. May God bless her with more years of life so that many can get help from her and make their life happy ..Bowing to ur feet Madam with tears in my eyes .Thanks a lot

Srilakshmi 30th Sep, 2017

Really life changing astrologer best of best i ever met any other astrologer.. It is fact...Apart from prediction the way she guide amazing.... Very positive energy.....

Mahi 1st Mar, 2017

Neel has excellent knowledge of vedic vastu. I recommend to those who face vastu dosh in their home without breaking she gave excellent result

Neela 8th Feb, 2017

Neel chooksi is a name doesn't need any rating she herself is a shining star of ASTROLOGY world.she predict our questions without asking a single world she gives prediction,she guide the way as master of all science. I am witness of her skill big big business man blindly follow her advice, she is a great creation of God...I really appreciate her.

Mr.kapoor 3rd Feb, 2017

Sharing my experience on Justdial after meeting Neel mam.Before I met her I was to surprised by watching reviews and rating as all ratings have 5stars. Neel Chooksi an angel of God? Yes, she is. She has very depth knowledge of astrology which she uses to solve the problems and well being of people. Her predictions is 99% accurate than other astrologers reserving 1% for human error. I dint speak a single word as I seated but she already knew what I was going to ask her, she started describing all that question and I was surprised to heard because all that question were 100% correct , she has god gifted quality.She did the complete analysing of my horoscope including all important charts,dashas,planetary effects in each charts and their results.She noted down the problems very carefully and provided solutions for same sequence wise. After a very long time I met such a calmest,adorable personality on the earth.Most important she is very down to earth and polite always keeping smile on her face.Hope to see you again mam.


My 3 years daughter not able to speak we visited her 3 months back.only with prashna kundali without asking any birth details she described her problem and give reason why the problem raised and told us


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